Sergey Fedorchuk is the winner with 8 out of 9


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Wednesday 9th October at 16:00 – Simultaneous Exhibition
Ukrainian grandmaster Mikhaylo Oleksienko (2608) will be giving simultaneous exhibition with the youngsters from the Reykjavik Chess Club.

With these events, the Reykjavik Chess Club hopes  to give their young and aspiring chess kids a chance to try out their skills against one of the strongest player of the GM-tournament.


Wednesday 9th October at 20:00 – Blitz tournament
Three of the international stars from the GM-tournament, GM Sergey Fedorchuk, GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko and IM Helgi Dam Ziska, will be fighting it out in a 6 player double round robin blitz tournament, along with three of the best Icelandic blitz players.  The preliminary rounds start on Thursday evening, 26th of September, at 20:00, with a 9 round open blitz tournament, where it will be decided which three local players will participate in the final as well as GM Fedorchuk, GM Oleksienko and IM Ziska.

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